VIRTSOFT LTD was established in 2013 as a young and ambitious business unit specialising in complex IT solutions for both retailers and wholesalers. Now we are specialising in mobile reporting systems, optimization of logistics and asset management, security and advertising. We have been continually adapting to the modern world, applying the latest techniques and products.

VIRTSOFT LTD is your professional partner when it comes to a faster service for your customers, rapid stock turnaround, increased sales and delivery accuracy. To answer all kinds of demands we have significantly extended our range of partners including INTEL, MICROSOFT, ZEBRA, HP, MIKROTIK, DELL and many others. We believe that our customers deserve the best. That is why we do not only offer the highest quality equipment around – we also offer faster delivery, clear communications and the best possible support from our dedicated and experienced client services team.

Whether you are facing a minor or a major challenge, VIRTSOFT LTD can help you to overcome it. Our solutions may be a critical component or a value adding feature for you. With modern technology your operational effectiveness increases and you can target resources more efficiently throughout your value chain. Synergy of our knowledge,  customer’s potential and professional solutions is a key of solving any complexity problems and reaching obvious benefits for customer, partner and us.